Marie Dias, the
« chic-rural »


Marie Dias is above all a mistress of the house with a sharp look and palate, who keep an eye on everything.
In the kitchen, her know-how and daring lead her to constantly seek out new harmonies of tastes, aromas and colours, creating a «chic-rural» style that she and her deputy chef are particularly fond of.

With the room team, Marie strives to create a real harmony between the place and her kitchen. She wants her guests to feel at home every moment: “Escape in time and out of time.” she said with a wide smile!

Wines of the vintage... but not only!

Marie Dias makes local production her priority; this is a good reason to offer a wide range of wines from Beaujolais and Mâconnais. She likes to say that Gamay and Chardonnay are «chic-rural» grape varieties. This is a second good reason to value the wines of its two heart wine regions!

But the mistress of Le Coq à Juliénas does not stop at her «borders»; she likes to seek and discover the gems of other terroirs. Strong wines, who, like her, have a temperament! Her wine list changes, thus, over time, seasons… and her mood!

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