Since 1923, a history of Beaujolais

In the early 20th

Le Coq au Vin was created in 1923 at the initiative of a wine merchant. Located on the market square of Juliénas, the «Beaujolais coffee» was the unmissable appointment of the winemakers of Juliénas, and elsewhere, to share glasses of Beaujolais and coq au vin de Juliénas (rooster with wine of Juliénas), the speciality of the house.

Around 1950

Journalists from the «Canard Enchaîné» discover this Beaujolais bistro restaurant with an Art Deco feel and generous regional dishes accompanied by Beaujolais wines. They make it their favorite destination, contributing to the awareness of the place. They had been preceded by critics of the "Michelin Guide" who particularly appreciated the "saucisson en croûte" (dried sausage with brioche), the "coq au vin de Juliénas" and the grilled rib with vine shoot.

Around 1970

The restaurant was run from 1961 to 1981 by Jean-Marc and Josette Ochier, former students of the Grenoble Hotel School, giving it a "modern" kitchen and a second dining room located in the courtyard. They continue the regional culinary tradition: andouillettes with white wine, snails of Burgundy and the inevitable coq au vin…


In 1990, Claude Clévenot bought the restaurant. An epicurean businesswoman, renowned in the Parisian and Lyonnais cultural and culinary circles, passionate about art and cuisine, she continues the history of Le Coq à Juliénas. Many artists and great Michelin-starred chefs come to Juliénas to share a great bistro cuisine… and unforgettable festive moments.


In the spring of 2001, Jean-Paul Lacombe, renowned chef of Léon de Lyon, took over the "Coq au Vin" which he renamed "Le Coq à Juliénas". As is the tradition for the Bistrots de Chef, he called former trusted collaborators past a few years ago by Léon, Nathalie and Luc Dervieux, who know perfectly the Lacombe spirit.


Marie Dias, mistress of the house with a refined look (and famous chef in the Mâconnais), falls under the charm of this authentic Art Deco bistro. She became the owner in 2017 and thus enter the epic of this unique restaurant.  « Le Coq à Juliénas is one of those local institutions that really belong to the history of Beaujolais. It is rich, lively, full of the pleasures of eating well and drinking well… In my turn, I would like to write a page in its history… ». She renames the signature dish of the rooster: « Le Coq Ivre de Juliénas » (coq au vin) ! To discover without moderation.

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